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Due to recent events on LiveJournal, I have imported this community to the already-existing mirror comm Small Fandoms Bang on DW.

If you already have an account on DW and you have claimed your OpenID account, your DW name will automatically appear on the posts attributable to you. If you have not yet claimed your OpenID account, you may do so here.

The current plan is that, beginning with our next round, Small Fandoms Bang will be run on both LJ and DW. I will make admin posts to LJ and do an import so the posts also show up on the DW comm within a few minutes (hopefully!). When it comes time to post your fic/art announcements, you may do so at either community (though you should only post to one or the other, not both). I will set up an RSS feed so that anyone who does not have a DW account but wants to follow the comm on DW so they can see all the fic/art announcements posted there may do so. A final import will be made at the end of each round.

Please note that this plan is subject to change, depending on what happens with LJ between now and Sept 1.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment here with them.

Thank you.
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Welcome to Small Fandoms Bang, the big bang for small fandoms! Round Five is now over. Please check out the Master List of Fic and Art! Round Six will open for Author Sign-Ups on Sept 1.

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