Jan. 11th, 2017

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Now that the Author Check-In period is over, the Preliminary List of Fandoms has been updated, so please check them all out!

The author check-in has netted us 65 stories in 71 different fandoms (including crossovers), which is awesome!

I want to thank the 12 artists who have signed-up and checked-in and remind all of you that WE COULD USE MORE ARTISTS!! As you can see from the numbers, we have a large number of potential fic, and not enough artists for all of them, so please, if you haven’t already done so (or even if you have), pimp us out! Thank you!

Please remember that rough drafts are due at the end of this month. (The submission rules post will go up on the 24th, but you will have until the 31st to get them in.) There is no extension on this date because I need the information for artist claims. HOWEVER, I am very flexible regarding ‘percent completed’ so long as you will have the final draft done on time, and will have a substantial amount of story to submit to an artist. Additionally, there is the option to opt-out of art, should you wish to take that route.

Two things I want to bring to your attention now, before the submission rules post goes up: 1) Remember that your story summary should be at least one or two paragraphs, not a clever one-liner. This summary is for your artist, not [necessarily] the summary you’re going to include in your story header when you post. If you don’t turn in a nicely fleshed out summary the first time, I’ll ask you to re-do it, so start thinking about that now.

2) New this year is an updated “Warnings” requirement: Please be sure to warn about anything that might squick or trigger your artist. This includes things like character death, extreme violence, non-con/rape, heavy angst, dark themes, genderswap, mpreg, BDSM themes, A/B/O, etc. THIS IS NOT THE WARNING YOU NEED TO GIVE TO YOUR READERS; THIS IS A WARNING FOR YOUR ARTIST, SO PLEASE LIST ANYTHING THAT MIGHT TRIGGER OR SQUICK THEM.

This new requirement is not meant to shame the author, but to protect the artist and author both. You won’t put an artist in the position of having to work with a story they won’t enjoy, and run the chance of possibly ending up with art you’re not satisfied with.

Artist claiming opens on February 7th.

Thank you!


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