Jan. 24th, 2017

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Authors, this is your rough draft submission post!

Don’t freak out, though, your rough drafts aren’t due today. I’m putting up the submission rules early so that people who have their fic finished, or were having computer issues, could submit their rough draft early if they so wished. (And, to be fair, not getting all of the submissions in one day would also benefit me, as well. *g*)

The rough draft submission date is next Tuesday, January 31, so you still have a week to get your fic to the “required” 8,000 words/80% completed place if you haven’t already. (And yes, I used quotation marks because I’m flexible about that so long as you will A) have your fic finished by the final draft deadline and B) have something substantial to send to your artist after claims.)

All about submitting your rough draft... )

Coming up:

The Artist Claiming Post(s) will go up on Tuesday, February 7. Artists will claim a story from the summaries, which will be posted anonymously. (The Sneak Peak post will go up at least 24 hours prior to the Claiming Post, though I’m shooting for 48 hours to give all the artists time to review the summaries.) The Matching Reveal post will go up on Tuesday, February 14. At that time I will forward the author’s LJ User Name and e-mail to the artist.

I will not be sending the rough draft you submit to your artist. I realize that you may have done further writing and editing, and may want to speak with your artist about the story before they begin work, so it will be up to the author to provide the story to-date to your artist, as well as any other assistance (ie, screencaps) that your artist might need. It is imperative, especially with a multi-fandom challenge such as this one, that you communicate with your artist.

NOTE: Artist sign-ups will remain open until the claiming period has closed (or until all fic have been claimed), so if you’re aware of an artist (remember, we also accept fanmixes, podcasts, vids, etc as fanart) who might be interested in this challenge, please point them our way. Thank you!

If you have any questions, you may comment here with them, or contact me at sfbbmod @ gmail.com. Comments will be screened.


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