Jan. 30th, 2017

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Authors, rough drafts are due tomorrow! Remember that your rough draft need not be 100% complete, but should be a minimum of 8,000 words/80% completed. (I am flexible on this if you are absolutely certain that you will have your final draft completed by the due date and that you will have something substantial to submit to your artist. Your other option is to continue participating, but choosing to opt out of art.)

I need the summaries for the claims list I'm putting together so there are no extensions granted.

If you haven't done so already, head on over to the Rough Draft Submission Rules post for instructions on how to turn in your rough draft.

If you will not be submitting a rough draft (or choosing to opt out of art), please contact me to let me know that you are withdrawing from this round of Small Fandoms Bang. You may comment here (comments will be screened) or send an e-mail to the mod account at sfbbmod @ gmail.com. (Please remember that there are penalties if you just disappear without letting me know that you need to withdraw, so don’t do that!)

Additional Notes:

1. The Artist Claiming Post will go up one week from tomorrow on Tuesday, February 7. Artists will claim a story from the summaries, which will be posted anonymously. (The Sneak Peak post will go up at least 24 hours prior to the Claiming Post, though I’m shooting for 48 hours to give all the artists time to review the summaries.) The Matching Reveal post will go up on Tuesday, February 14. At that time I will forward the author’s LJ User Name and e-mail to the artist.

Authors will be responsible for sending their story to their artist as soon as possible. In the past there have been issues with lack of communication between authors and artists. Please don’t be that person who leaves your author/artist hanging.

2. Artist sign-ups will remain open until all fic have been claimed. If you know of someone who’d like to sign-up as an artist, please direct them to the Artist Sign-Up Post.

3. If you have not already done so, please join this community! This is for both Artists and Authors. Authors & Artists will need to be able to post their Master Posts to the community, and the Sneak Peek Post and Artist Claim Post will be locked to members only.

Thank you!


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