Feb. 16th, 2017

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First, I’m very excited to say that all of our stories have been claimed for art!

Second, all contact e-mails introducing you to your Author/Artist have now been sent out!

~If you have not received an e-mail from the mod account, please first check your spam folder and then contact me at sfbbmod @ gmail.com to make sure I have the correct e-mail address you’d like me to use. (Please also include your user name in the e-mail unless it is obvious from your e-mail name/addy.)

~I would also like to remind everyone to please respond in a timely manner to contact e-mails sent from your Author/Artist. If you haven't yet heard from your counterpart, please don't hesitate to initiate contact yourself. (Also, please check your spam folder to make sure you don't have an unanswered e-mail sitting in there.) If you encounter any issues, please let me know asap so that I can address them. Please remember that communication is key in a challenge such as this one.

Other Comments/Reminders:

~My thanks go out to all of our wonderful artists, but especially to those who claimed a second (or fourth) story for which to create art. Your willingness to create art for more than one story, and in fandoms you might be unfamiliar with, is greatly appreciated by this mod!

~Artist Claims and Artists Sign-Ups are now closed. Given that our wonderful artists needed to claim multiple stories in order that all stories receive art, there will be no option to claim a story twice this round.

~Invitations to the support community have been sent out to all the artists who claimed a story (unless you had already accepted the invitation sent when you signed up as an author). Please remember that the invite is only good for 30 days, so if you'd like to join the comm and you haven't already accepted your invitation, then please do get right on that!

You will not receive an e-mail notification of the invite unless you have adjusted your LJ settings to request one. If you have not yet received an e-mail notification, you should check your My Invites page under the Communities menu to accept the invitation.

~Artists, please note that the Saturday Snippet posts will now open to Artists, as well as Authors.

~Artists, please also note that the Beta/Cheerleader post at the support community may be used by Artists, as well as Authors.

~Artists, please additionally note that next week’s Hump Day! Post will be an Artist Meet & Greet! Artists and Authors are encouraged to drop by to visit.

~Our next check-in for Authors and Artists will be on March 8, and Final Drafts of both fic and art are due on March 31, so mark your calendars!

Thank you!


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