Mar. 19th, 2017

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1. Final drafts of fic and art are due on or before March 31. (I will make a ‘how to sumbit your final draft’ post about a week before that date.)

2. You ~must turn in a final draft in order to claim a posting date, even if your ‘final’ draft isn’t completely polished and ready to go.

3. The ‘claim a posting date’ post will go up on April 1.

4. To keep things organized, only authors may claim a posting date (with a few exceptions, such as the author requesting their artist be their proxy or dropping out).

5. Authors, please discuss posting dates with your artist so that the date you choose is convenient for both of you.

6. Posting opens on April 5 and runs through April 30.

7. If you need to claim a later date due to health reasons or some other emergency outside of your control, please let me (and your author/artist) know as soon as possible and I’ll save a later date for you.

8. If you haven't already done so, please JOIN THE COMMUNITY so you can post your fic/art announcement here!


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