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Title: Freedom is the only thing worth dying for, except maybe love
Author: [ profile] chibifukurou
Artist: [ profile] karrenia_rune
Fandom: Magnificent 7 (2016)
Characters/Pairings: Joshua Faraday/Vasquez
Rating/Category: PG13/Slash
Genre: Gen, AU, Scifi
Word Count: 11K
Warnings: extreme violence
Summary: Vasquez and Faraday spent time in a military together years ago. They were lovers and talked about building a life together, but they ended up going their separate ways. Vasquez convinced that they needed to make up for their actions, and Faraday sure that if he had to watch anybody else die, he wouldn't be able to take it.

Maybe saving an entire space colony together will finally be enough of a push to get the boys to talk to each other. But I wouldn't count on it.

Link to fic master post: Freedom's the only thing worth Dying for
Link to art master post: Art for Chibifukurou's Story


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