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Title: The Last God of Chaos
Author: CowgirlXena
Artist: amoredition
Fandom: Aztec West by TL Morganfield/Dukes of Hazzard(TV)
Characters/Pairings: Mextli, Quetzalcoatl, Xolotl, Fiona Molloy, Waylon, Tezcatlipoca
Genre: adventure
Word Count: 11,387
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Fiona and Xolotl, after 20 years or so, finally finish the mission they were given by Raphael with some help.

Link to Fic: AO3
Link to Art: LJ

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Title: The Preacher Man
Author: [ profile] cowgirlxena
Artist: [ profile] aislinarchives
Fandom: Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace - Big and Rich mini movie music video
Characters/Pairings: John Rich, Kenny Alphin, OCs
Rating/Category: (ie, NC17/Gen or PG13/Slash) PG13/Gen
Genre: (ie, romance, action, crossover, au, etc) western, implied I would guess.
Word Count: 14,870
Warnings (ie, major character death, non-con/rape, extreme violence)
Summary: All in all after a half a day riding with John on that fateful day a year prior, Kenny knew what he rather do and officially turned his back on his old life as a preacher of a small Texan town and never looked back.

Link to fic master post:
Link to art master post:
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Title: Never To Late to Know
Author: CowgirlXena
Artist: tree
Fandom: In Dreams
Pairing: Claire/Vivian
Genre: (ie, romance, action, crossover, au, etc)General
Word Count: 10,877
Warning: Mentions of child abuse
Rating: Teen and up
Summary: On a trip to Italy, they learn more about where Vivian came from.

Link to Fic masterpost: A03
Link to art master post: Coming soon

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