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Title: Close To Home
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fortesomniareaka somniare (AO3)
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] deinonychus_1
Fandom: Lewis (TV)
Characters/Pairings: James Hathaway/Robert Lewis, Lizzie Maddox, Jean Innocent, DI Grainger, Laura Hobson, Julie Lockhart, Gurdip Sohal
Rating/Category: PG13/Slash)
Genre: Case fic, non-canon compliant
Word Count: ~56,000
Warnings Canon appropriate violence, mention of suicide of non-canon character.
Summary: The identity of a body found near a children's playground creates unforeseen complications for DIs Lewis and Hathaway  when the evidence uncovered points an accusing figure at an unlikely suspect.

A/N: My deepest thanks to perclexed, who saw me through a crisis of faith in the story, to paperscribe for her amazing beta work, and to barcardivodka for Brit-picking out my odd Australianisms.  The story wouldn't be here without you.

A standing ovation is in order for [livejournal.com profile] deinonychus_1 for her amazing artwork.  Thank you so much! <3
The artwork is incorporated within the story and I will post the link asap.

Link to fic master post: Close to Home on AO3
Link to art master post: Artwork by deinonychus_1 on LJ
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Title: To Those That Walk In Darkness
Author: fortesomniare (aka Somniare)
Artist: Tarlanx (aka Tarlan)
Fandom: Lewis (TV)
Characters/Pairings: James Hathaway/Robert Lewis, James Hathaway, Robert Lewis, Jean Innocent, Laura Hobson, Alan Peterson, DI (Helen) Laxton, DI Grainger, DC (Gordon) Hooper, Gurdip Sohal, Julie Lockhart, OMCs
Rating/Category: NC17/Mature/13Gen
Genre: Case fic, AU, not quite a Fusion fic
Word Count: ~107,000
Warnings Warning for violent death, mentions of canon child abuse
A motor vehicle accident becomes a murder investigation. As Lewis and Hathaway investigate, death comes to Oxford CID, and a secret James Hathaway has kept for most of his life is shockingly revealed.
Link to fic master post: Somniare – To Those That Walk in Darkness
Link to art master post: Tarlan – To Those That Walk In Darkness
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Title:What You Do Today
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fortesomniare
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] subluxate
Fandom:Lewis (TV)
Characters/Pairings:James Hathaway/Robert Lewis, Laura Hobson, Jean Innocent, Lyn Lewis-Walsh, Tim Walsh, Thom Lewis-Walsh
Rating/Category: R18+/Slash
Genre: Romance
Word Count:40,756
Warnings: tiny passing reference to a child abuse case resulting in death

"Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be.  But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today."   Ernest Hemingway, For Whom The Bell Tolls

Relationships take time, and we don’t always see what’s right in front of us. As the events of the year unfold, Robbie and James learn a bit more about each other and what that means for their future.

Sometimes you have to make an effort, and sometimes things just fall into place.

Link to fic master post: What You Do Today (on AO3)
Link to art master post: In Harmony (On Dreamwidth)


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