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Title: Kismet
Author: Siberian (aka [livejournal.com profile] kritikeragent )
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] undeny
Fandom: Die Hard
Characters/Pairings: John McClane/Matt Farrell
Rating/Category: NC-17/Slash
Genre: Romance, Slight Humor
Word Count: 22,845
Warnings: Graphic sexual content, Some descriptions of het and implied het sort of

Summary: After making a shocking discovery, John feels the need to 'rescue' Matt. Little do they both know where this twist of fate is going to lead them.

Link to fic master post: Fic Masterpost
Link to art master post: Art Masterpost

Acknowledgements: I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks to Undeny for her patience with me. She has had the patience of a saint through my internet troubles. I just regret that we couldn't have chatted more. Maybe one of these days we'll get teamed up again and the next time around will be smooth sailing. So thank you again Undeny, I'll be sure to put up a second proper thank you on my journal when it's not giving me trouble. Also thank you to the Mods for being understanding of my posting issues. You have been quick to respond whenever I had a problem and were gracious throughout this whole process. It helped to ease my mind immensely. I can't tell you how much that meant.

Notes: PLEASE READ, Sorry for all the caps. I just want to warn everyone that my story does not look pretty. I haven't been able to get online pretty much at all, so I was able to post tonight. On both evenings I tried to post, my actual date and tonight, I had numerous problems. The only reason I was able to post tonight was because I put everything in notepad first. So please forgive the mess that is the entries and my very basic masterpost. When I have a stable connection again, I'll try to clean it up more and contact Livejournal to see why I'm having problems. Also, please head the warnings. This is a light story but very graphic. It's definitely not work safe. ;D


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