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Title: Star Apart
Author: Niki
Artist: siennavie
Fandom: Star Control II (Video Game)
Pairing: The Captain/Commander Hayes
Rating/Category: NC17/Slash
Genre: Space Shenanigans & Romance
Word Count: 10k on OpenOffice, 9836 on AO3...
Warnings Dark themes and background character deaths
Summary: How Kirell grew up, saved the galaxy, and huddled for warmth in the arms of a handsome Commander. Or something like that.

Link to fic master post: on AO3
Link to art master post: on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal
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Title: Like the Course of a Stream
Author: [livejournal.com profile] niki_chidon (Niki)
Artists: Kacsa ET (Kacsa ET on DeviantArt, Ankkacsa on Twitter and Instagram) / TT. (Toothpudding on Tumblr, Shivikai on deviantArt, and Streams daily as MissStress)
Fandom: the Mummy movies
Pairings: Nefertiri/OMC, Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell/Rick O'Connell, OFC/OMC
Rating: PG13/Het
Genre: Romance
Word Count: 13K
Warnings: Major Character Deaths
Summary: She was not Evelyn, nor Nefertiri – but she was never just Eva either.

Link to fic master post: AO3
Link to art master post: TT. Tumblr and Kacsa ET DeviantArt
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Title: Little Star
Author: Niki
Artist: Gryph
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Characters/Pairings: Starbuck/Apollo
Rating/Category: PG13/Slash
Genre: Kid fic
Word Count: 10 135
Warnings: Backstory featuring mentions of nonsexual abuse of a minor, non-explicit
Summary: Starbuck has someone new in his life, ‘someone special,’ and Apollo is not happy.

Apollo would always claim he was not surprised, really, to open his door to see a sheepishly smiling Starbuck holding Ella’s hand only centares after they left. He’d say he’d seen the ties that bound the two together from the first, and known the universe would find a way to foist the two on him somehow.

Link to fic master post: LJ or AO3
Link to art master post: LJ or AO3


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