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Title: The Beginning of After
Author: [ profile] not_from_stars
Artist: [ profile] sexycazzy
Fandom: The Forbidden Game/Boondock Saints
Characters/Pairings: Jenny Thornton, Connor MacManus, Murphy MacManus
Rating/Category: PG-13
Genre: Crossover
Word Count: 11,688
Warnings Implied incest
Summary: Jenny Thornton has had access to two different alternate worlds from our own. When she is ripped away from the magical village and the two men she loved more than anything, she tried to find her way back to them. After it becomes evident that she won't be able to go back, Jenny returns to the world of her nightmares -- The Shadow World -- to repay a debt.

Connor and Murphy McManus had found the perfect girl for them and hadn't ever planned on giving her up. Once the real world intervenes and they get separated from her, the two brothers set out to find her again. When they get a hint from Jenny's cousin as to where she has been living, Connor and Murphy find themselves taking a trip straight into hell to retrieve their girl.

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Title: Wishing Only Wounds The Heart
Author: [ profile] not_from_stars // [ profile] shadowcat on DW
Artist: [ profile] queenmidalah
Fandom: The Fast and Furious
Characters/Pairings: Mia Toretto
Rating/Category: PG13, Gen
Genre: Action, AU
Word Count: 13,115
Warnings None
Summary: When the rest of her family fled south of the border, Mia was left behind where she would be safe. However, Mia has no interest in being safe and out from the shadow of her older brother, Mia becomes a well-known street racer. So what happens when the man that tore her life apart, and the sister she always trusted both decide to come back into her life?

Link to fic master post: One || Two
Link On AO3: Here
Link to art master post: Art!

Posted late with permission because LJ was down forever last night.


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