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Title: Signs & Symbols
Author: xfdryad (Dryad/AO3)
Artist: knowmefirst
Fandom: Lewis
Characters/Pairings: James Hathaway/Robbie Lewis, Lyn Lewis, Mark Lewis
Rating/Category: NC17/Slash Unity
Genre: AU
Word Count: 13742
Warnings none
Summary: Homecoming - not as easy as it sounds...

Link to fic master post: read it here on the AO3...
Link to art master post: knowmefirst
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Title: Kiss & Music
Author: xfdryad
Artist: Garonne
Fandom: Lewis
Characters/Pairings: can't say
Rating/Category: PG13
Genre: pre-slash
Word Count: 20868
Warnings some language
Summary: Dark hair, pale skin more gold than his own - James would know him anywhere.
"Robbie," he said gently, brushing particles of dirt off his Governor's face. "Robbie Lewis, wake up."

Link to fic master post: on A03, on lj as soon as I have the stamina
Link to art master post: The artwork!
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Title: I See a Man
Author: Dryad
Artist: kat_lair
Fandom: Lewis
Characters/Pairings: James Hathaway, Robbie Lewis
Rating/Category: R
Genre: Casefile
Word Count: 12298
Warnings some violence
Summary: Bits of the past float to the surface of the deep, still pond that is James Hathaway.

Link to fic master post: on AO3, on livejournal
Link to art master post: Mistress Kat (link specific!)


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