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Title: Falling into Darkness
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] knowmefirst
Author: [livejournal.com profile] pamymex3girl
Fandom: Days of Our Lives
Characters/Pairings: Will Horton/Sonny Kiriakis
Rating/Category: PG/Slash
Warnings N/A
Summary: Art for the fic 'Falling into Darkness'

Link to art master post: LJ | Ao3
Link to fic master post: LJ
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Title: Falling into darkness
Author: pamymex3girl
Fandom: Days of our lives
Characters/Pairings: Will/Sonny; Will Horton, Sonny Kiriakis, Nick Fallon, Gabi Hernandez, Hope Williams Brady, Lucas Horton, Tad Stevens, Sami Brady, others
Rating/Category: T/Slash
Genre: angst,
Word Count: 20008
Warnings brief mentions of violence (someone is stabbed and there are mentions to someone getting shot in the past), but only mentions nothing graphic
Summary:In a moment of insanity - during one of the many arguments Nick and Will have about Arianna's custody - Nick stabs Will.

This is what comes immediatly after.
Author's note Written for the smallfandom Big Bang. I've loved Days of our lives for years and Sonny/Will is both my OTP in the show and one of my all time favorite OTP's. I hope someone enjoyes this story.I'd like to thank spikedluv for being my beta. Thank you. (It should be noted that any mistakes that are left are completely my own.) Also thanks to knowmefirst for the art created for this fic. It's great and I love it.
This is set in the first half of 2014. Everything that follows after it (it's set around the time that Nick Fallon dies) doesn't happen naturally. Also, it should be noted that while this is set during Guy Wilson's time as Will Horton, Chandler Massey will always be Will to me. (Also, as a sidenote, I've never been very good at summaries.)Disclaimer: I don't own anything, all the characters belong to the writers and creators of Days of our lives.

Link to fic master post: http://pamymex3girl.livejournal.com/36136.html
Link to art master post: http://knowmefirst.livejournal.com/100424.html


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