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Title: sex is sweet, death is bitter, love is both
Artist: [ profile] subluxate
Author: [ profile] ceares
Fandom: Entourage
Characters/Pairings: Eric Murphy/Vincent Chase
Rating/Category: PG-13
Warnings None
Summary: A mix ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Charlie Wilson to Darren Hayes, all for [ profile] ceares' fic.

Link to art master post: sex is sweet, death is bitter, love is both
Link to fic master post: Love Is Both
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Title:Love is Both
Artist:[ profile] subluxate
Characters/Pairings:Vincent Chase/Eric Murphy
Rating/Category: R/Slash
Genre: a/u romance
Word Count:11,950 words per google docs
Warnings minor drug use though not nearly as much as canon.
Summary: Once upon a time, Eric and Vince were best friends. Then they weren't. Eric thought he knew exactly how he felt about Vincent Chase, but their highschool reunion changes everything.
Notes I got so, so lucky. Not only did [ profile] subluxate create a beautiful mix for my story--digging magically into my head for just the right title,artwork and music, but she provided a beta when I didn't think I'd find one and was nothing but awesome during this whole process. [ profile] dirty_diana showed up like a beta Angel, reminding me that the best thing about the Entourage fandom was always the fen. Thank you guys both so much. Y'all are amazing.Any errors or issues remaining are entirely me. Thanks to Felicia as always for indulging me even in fandoms she could care less about.

Link to fic master post:Love is Both Ao3
Link to art master post:Art Mix


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