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Title: His Motherhood
Author: Hannah
Artist: angelus2hot
Fandom: Scrubs (TV)
Characters/Pairings: Perry Cox/Jordan Sullivan
Rating/Category: NC-17/Het
Genre: Drama, romance, science fiction
Word Count: ~83400
Warnings Mpreg, birth, allusions to past child abuse
Summary: Cox had thought he’d learned he’d always be alone, and was trying to come to accept what he knew life held for him. Even after finding out about an upcoming medical study that was barely discussed by the medical profession, derided by all respectable sources, fully aware of what it promised and certain he’d never be invited – he surprised himself and applied just the same. Even when his application for an interview passed and he was invited to see if he qualified for rejection, he didn't allowed himself to hope. But maybe it was possible he hadn’t learned as well as he'd thought.

A story about love, family, building and breaking and repairing attachments, and how to carry the past and move into the future.

And if you see this world as ugly and thin
Then you’ll be so cruel to the touch, you’ll lose the body you’re in
To a land of angry soil, that swallows boys and coughs up men
I’ve seen you taste the salt of your tears
You always stop when you start, and listen, you would be smart
To keep yourself in a world of mothers, sisters, daughters and wives
- “Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives,” Voxtrot

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