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Title: I stay in the darkness with you
Artist: [ profile] danceswithgary
Author: [ profile] fullmoon02
Fandom: Spy Game
Characters/Pairings: Tom Bishop/Nathan Muir
Rating/Category: G
Warnings None
Summary: See author's summary

Link to art master post:
Link to fic master post:
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Title: I stay in the darkness with you
Author: [ profile] fullmoon02
Artist: [ profile] danceswithgary
Fandom: Spy Game
Characters/Pairings: Tom7Elizabeth
Rating/Category: PG13/Slash
Genre: Action
Word Count: 14284
Warnings Violence, violence against animals
Summary: Tom survives from the Chinese prison and is back in the States. Now without a job, tormented by his nightmares and with no one to trust he tries to start his life over with Elizabeth. He is not happy and neither is Elizabeth, and Tom can't help but think what happened to Nathan. He decides to go look for him, without realising that Nathan might have, in fact, already found him.
A/N I can never thank enough my beta and my artist for all their wonderful work. I could have not asked for better partners <3

Link to fic master post: Here on AO3.
Link to art master post: Here on AO3.


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