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Title: Keep Her in Your Sights
Author: [ profile] lullabymoon
Artist: [ profile] subluxate
Fandom: Tweed & Co - Colin Forbes
Characters/Pairings: Paula Grey (centric), Tweed, Bob Newman, Marler
Rating/Category: PG-13/Gen
Genre: action/thriller
Word Count: 21000
Warnings: none
Summary: When the third country in six months considering EU membership starts to reconsider, Tweed and the SIS realise something is afoot. With Bob Newman in Canada, Marler already on assignment and things heating up at home, it is up to Paula Grey to travel alone around Europe to discover the truth.

As the pieces of the conspiracy slot together and the evidence builds, the danger increases and suddenly Paula finds herself involved in the conspiracy in a horrifying way...

Link to fic master post:  LJ or DW or AO3
Link to art master post: strength
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Title: strength
Artist: [ profile] subluxate
Author: [ profile] lullabymoon
Fandom: Tweed & Co.
Characters/Pairings: Paula Grey
Rating/Category: PG/gen
Warnings None
Summary: She can get through any situation, even this one. A fanmix for [ profile] lullabymoon's "Keep Her In Your Sights".

Link to art master post: strength
Link to fic master post: "Keep Her In Your Sights" on LJ | DW | AO3


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