Feb. 14th, 2015

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Below is a complete list to-date of author/artist match-ups for our fourth round. Please note that this is not a final list, as artists claims (and sign-ups) will remain open until every single story has been claimed. This post will be updated as new claims are made.

I have kept the numbering order the same as in the claiming post. I’ve tried to keep track of everything, but if you notice that I’ve listed your name for the wrong story (either as Author or Artist), please let me know ASAP so that I can fix it.

E-mails with contact information will go out by tomorrow.

The Reveal!! )

Please note that 31 stories have currently been claimed, which means that there are just 2 wonderful stories still waiting for an artist. If you haven’t claimed a story yet, or you’d like to claim a second (or third), please head on over to our Artist Claiming Post.

Also, if any of our members know of anyone who might be interested in creating art for us (remember that fanart includes things like vids, podfic and fanmixes in addition to graphics), please send them our way. They should sign up at the Artist Sign-Up Post (linked in the links section) and then claim their story at the Artist Claiming Post.
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I know that this is a very unusual post to be making here, and I don't want to single out any one story, but it's killing me that we're so close to having every story claimed! We have just one story left unclaimed for art and it would make me very happy to see it claimed so that everyone receives art this round. The fandom is '21 Jump Street (tv)', and I can't believe there haven't been any takers yet! I mean, a young Johnny Depp alone should draw you in, and if not, then maybe Dustin Nguyen, Holly Robinson Peete, Peter DeLuise or Steven Williams.

If you're wary of claiming the story because you're not familiar with the fandom, I just happen to have the first season on DVD (it's only 13 episodes) and I will mail them to you so you can watch them, screencap them, etc. (If it turns out you love the show, I'll even let you keep them. *g*)

So, have I managed to persuade one of our artists to give the show (and the story) a try?


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