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Title: The Kinder Side of Winter
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] zerdavulpes
Author: [livejournal.com profile] jade_dragoness
Fandom: The Dresden Files
Characters/Pairings: Johnny Marcone, Harry Dresden, Sigurn Gard, Hendricks, various supernatural beings in the choir
Rating/Category: Gen/G
Warnings None

Link to art master post: AO3
Link to fic master post: AO3
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Fic: Dresden Files (jade_dragoness)

Title: The Kinder Side of Winter
Author: [livejournal.com profile] jade_dragoness

Artist: [livejournal.com profile] zerdavulpes

Fandom: The Dresden Files (Jim Butcher)
Characters/Pairings: John Marcone/Harry Dresden pre-slash, Gard/Hendricks established
Rating/Category: R
Genre: action/adventure & pre-slash
Word Count: 28,000
Warnings Death of OCs, non-graphic death of child, violence, magical influence on personality.

Summary: When John Marcone got the signature of the CEO of Monoc Securities in order to become the first mortal free-holding lord he paid for it with something other than money: 3 favors. Now Vadderung is calling in a marker, giving John the choice of refusing or temporarily taking up the duties of the Winter King.

Set post 'Cold Days'.

Link to fic master post: AO3
Link to art master post: AO3
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Title: Good Intentions
Author: Shiny Mess (shinymessoyay)
Artist: beccastareyes
Fandom: Dresden Files
Characters/Pairings: Harry Dresden, John Marcone
Rating/Category: PG/Pre-slash
Genre: Action, intrigue.
Word Count: 10353
Warnings Brief mentions of child abuse.
Summary: Two wizards walk into a bar, the third one ducks; or, the story of how Harry Dresden became the reluctant liege man of Freeholding Lord John Marcone.

Read the fic at my journal*
Art masterpost on LJ. Art masterpost on Dreamwidth.

*ETA: the link at AO3 isn't working for some reason.
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Title: Good Intentions
Artist: BeccaStareyes ([livejournal.com profile] beccastareyes)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] shinymessoyay
Fandom: The Dresden Files (books)
Characters/Pairings: Harry Dresden
Rating/Category: Art is G (SFW)
Warnings None
Summary: Cover picture for Shinymessoyay's story. Harry leading his menagerie and a young girl he was put into the role of protector.

Link to art master post: Dreamwidth Livejournal
Link to fic master post: To be posted.

Full notes, disclaimers, and so on are on the work.


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