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Apr. 19th, 2019 07:22 am
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Much as I deplore the commercialization of our culture, the Captain Marvel Audi ad is actually pretty adorable.
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I saw that FX was showing this movie last night so I DVR’d a later showing so I could a) watch the whole thing (it was about 45 min in when I discovered it) and b) FF through the commercials. I really liked it!

spoilers )

After watching the movie I went to AO3, as one does, to see if there was any fic. In the ‘movie’ section there is nothing for ‘Assassin’s Creed (2016)’. Instead there is the category ‘Assassin's Creed - All Media Types’. I checked the characters hoping to filter the 7,000 fic by movie characters, but their names don’t show up at all. Help! How does one find fic for the movie?!!
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This was so good! A great end to this trilogy.

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This book was really, really good. I’m giving it five hearts.


(This book counts towards the ‘One Word Title’ square on my 2019 Book Bingo Redux card.)

Come and gone.

Apr. 17th, 2019 11:27 pm
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Standing around in Central Park, waiting for the shuttle to take us from the Boathouse to Fifth Avenue, we chatted about how we were doing at such a late, tired hour. I said I was going to crash when I got back to my apartment - "Don't say crash," someone else told me. I laughed, and said I was okay. I explained, I'd had a couple of drinks and then some coffee, some water too, and I was at a good balance of everything to keep coasting for a while. At least until I got back to my apartment, after which, I said, I won't say anything more.

I got driven out of the park, and I got driven into the park. My brother had the time and willingness to drive me and the Gala's baked goods to the Boathouse, and took deep pleasure in doing so - as he said, it might be the one day in his life he drives in Central Park. It was a good day for it, too: that brief time when both flowers and leaves are new and everything is fresh.

I got there early, almost too early, two and a half hours to spare. I walked around the park some, enjoying the people and sunshine. I set up everything, and watched it go into the kitchens for safekeeping until it was time for the after-dinner coffee. I hung out with a couple raptor people from New Jersey, and met a Barred Owl named Mitzi and a Red-Tailed Hawk named Ruby. Both of them got a lot of attention from the birds nearby, with the jays and blackbirds - of course it was the corvids - being the first to start shouting about them, with the sparrows and cardinals joining in. So I joked they should do bird walks with raptors as bait. Bring out the other birds and let people listen.

Things were being set up and arranged up until the last moment before the doors opened for the guests. As it's been said, the show doesn't go on because it's ready, the show goes on because it's showtime. And what a show it was! There was a cheese table, a specific table for cheese, with seven different kinds and someone who'd cut small slices off the logs and wheels when someone wanted a piece. I've been to weddings that aren't as fancy as that.

This is the Flocktail's first year in this space. Far more expensive than other years - the previous locations were all provided for free - and also far nicer. Not just for the catering. It was an airy, open room, with a tall ceiling and windows all around, plus a view out to the Central Park boating pond. When someone got up onto the small stage, everyone could hear them, and when someone got onto the floor to perform, everyone could see them. It wasn't huge, just a couple hundred people. Enough you couldn't meet everybody, and enough you could feel comfortable with just about anyone.

Sometimes the party picked up, sometimes it slowed down. A lot of it was standing or sitting around, eating fancy food and talking to people. It was an open bar, but I've learned since college, and just had two drinks, counting the prosecco they were handing out on trays at the door.

The moments of picking up were numerous, though. There were three dance numbers. There was a short performance by Nellie McKay. The live auction had a professional auctioneer, the kind that talked at fifteen miles a minute and whipped the audience into clapping every time the bid hit another hundred dollars, do I hear sixteen hundred, sixteen, seventeen hundred, eighteen hundred, he's bidding the boat, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one!

It ended up being over twenty-one hundred dollars. I think it went for thirty-one hundred, outbidding the two all-access passes to the Tribeca film festival and the tickets to Hamilton. That one was for a walk in Central Park with the director of the Wild Bird Fund. And Bill Irwin.

It takes a particular audience to get whipped up about Bill Irwin - who would, in fact, be sailing a little boat he'd brought with him out on the Reflecting Pool during the walk. And I was so, so happy to be in that audience.

I approached him near the end of the night, told him I loved how he moved on stage and shook his hand. I did the same for Nellie McKay. But I didn't give her my card. I gave Bill Irwin my card.

As part of the preparations for this, in addition to baking so many cupcakes several people took about a dozen each home with them, I got business cards. So yes. I have cards. Do you want my card? I have a card, drop me a line. I can send you something, here's my card. You need my name, it's on my card.

Though I have to say, much as I loved casually offering out my card, much as I adored exchanging meaningful words with Bill Irwin, glad as I was to attend this sort of thing where the full cost of ingredients was much less than a ticket, what I liked most was being there at the start and the end. Seeing what goes into making it possible, getting it set up and taken down. The stillness before and after all the dancing, when it's open and ready for the night, and when it's just a few people left out in the night, ready to be home.

Fic Update

Apr. 17th, 2019 03:40 pm
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This is mainly for my benefit so I can write it all down and see what my schedule looks like. o_O

1. I’m currently working on a fic for [community profile] caprbb. I have broken 16,000 words handwritten. It will end up being at least 20,000 words, if not more. Now I just need to get typing. Posting for this challenge begins in May and runs through the beginning of July.

2. My posting date for [community profile] smallfandombang is next week (April 25). I wrote a Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)/The New Adventures of Old Christine crossover that pairs Hansel and Richard, natch. I need to give it one more read through and then get it ready to post.

3. Other fic I’m signed up to write/challenges I want to write for:

a. [community profile] wipbigbang: I plan on using a Primeval fic in progress for this. Posting for this challenge begins end of July.

b. [community profile] fandomtrumpshate: I’ve been requested to write a Teen Wolf (Peter/Chris) fic for this. I have until the end of December to write this fic, but I’d like to get it done before then.

c. [community profile] smallfandomfest opens for prompt submission on May 1 and there are several fic I’d like to write for this. So many prompts, so little time!

d. Last, but not least, the December Gift Fic that I still owe about five people. I have actually been thinking about one of the prompts, so will hopefully get that written sooner rather than later. I’d really like to get these done before December comes around again.

Reading Wednesday

Apr. 17th, 2019 03:25 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading:

Recently I finished listening to: about that kiss by Jill Shalvis a romance novel I borrowed from the library through the Libby app. I also finished reading the graphic novel Book Love by Debbie Tung (also borrowed from the library, this one through the Hoopla app).

My full list of books I've read so far this year is still here...

What I am Currently Reading:

I’m about halfway through Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh (the first book in the Psy/Changeling series and I’m listening to the audiobook version of The Trial of Lizzie Borden by Cara Robertson that I have on loan from the library through the Libby app.

What I Plan to Read Next: I’m going to read West Coast Avengers #10, which is the last issue andj came out today! After that I’ll probably read the second book in The Psy/Changeling Series Visions of Heat.

Wednesday Reading Meme

Apr. 17th, 2019 02:40 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading: Since last week’s post I’ve read/finished reading: Arsenic and Old Books (A Cat in the Stacks Mystery) by Miranda James and Firestarter (A Timekeeper Novel) by Tara Sim.

(Both books fill (or will fill once I’ve posted my comments) squares on my Bingo Redux Card. You can find all my book posts for 2019 here.)

What I am Currently Reading: The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus) by Rick Riordan.

What I Plan to Read Next: The Infidel Stain (A Blake and Avery Novel) by M. J. Carter mainly because it’s a library book and due back soon. o_O

trial time

Apr. 17th, 2019 09:27 am
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10mi bike: 25 minutes
2.6mi run/walk: 46.8 minutes
1/4mi swim: 24 minutes

total: 95.8 minutes

We went to her gym in order to complete the trial, so it's not like, realistic trail conditions, but I'm still pretty proud to have a) finished and b) finished within the three-hour time limit, even with significant breaks between activities and being all crampy and exhausted from day two of my menstrual cycle

I've added more group classes to my schedule - core conditioning, strength training, a weekend ballet class, maybe barre, maybe some yoga - in hopes of being able to get to the gym more regularly because doing the whole running/biking/swimming laps thing is actually quite dull, and between that and winter bleh I haven't been sticking to the schedule anywhere near as closely as I need to be doing. A and I are scheduling another planning meeting so that we can sit down together and figure out how to work out together more often. That's gonna be important because she also invited me to go backpacking with her to the Enchantments (she and a friend each got Core Zone permits) about a month after our triathlon, and that's gonna be hella grueling but hopefully super worth it.

I've already checked with the course leaders for the hiking conditioning class I'm taking and they've reassured me that backpack will absolutely count for my two required hikes in July, given that we've got one day on either side of our overnights to get in (from the Lake Stuart trailhead to Colchuck Lake, which is about a four-mile hike with some 2300ft of elevation gain ... then a mile or so of scrambling, then the 1900ft of elevation gain in about a mile that makes up Aasgard Pass) and get out (12 miles downhill from the Core Zone to the Snow Lake Trailhead). 

My required hikes for May are already scheduled and I'm signed up for them. I've done one of the trails before, with my kiddo even, but the other one is new to me. I'm excited to discover new places :D
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Since my post on AO3 was reported as not being appropriate for the archive, and apparently recs lists aren't *shrug*, here is what I had posted there:

This is a list of authors, artists and stories that I recommended at the Escapade 29 Thorki panel. I love jotun!Loki, genderfluid/queer!Loki along with their more traditional form. I love a Thor who is smart, well-meaning in general, with a good heart who absolutely loves Loki. I am an equal fan of Thor or Loki topping/bottoming so there is a mix of that as well. Most of the stories I enjoy take into account Ragnarok's events and characterizations in some manner.

I love 2 or more of the following authors' works:


wistering's thor bookmarks - I found many of my faves via wistering's bookmarks


Foundling Mother


















Specific Story Recs:

Visions of Flesh and Light by irishavalon - a really lovely exploration of genderfluid Loki

A Pocket In Time by destimushi - an alternate version of events for Ragnarok

Because of the tumblr issue, several artists are harder to find than usual, but here are the twitter links for four of my faves

Artist Recs:



Angeline Draws


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Apr. 17th, 2019 12:02 pm
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I've actually been on LJ for much longer, but I switched accounts a few years ago to separate RL and fan stuff. I think I created my first LJ around 2003/2004 but I haven't used in in a few years now.

You can get your own card here!


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What's Happening

Welcome to Small Fandoms Bang, the big bang for small fandoms! Posting of fic and art begins on Friday, April 5 and runs through Tuesday, April 30.


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