Mar. 24th, 2017

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Don’t fret yet! Final fanfic and fanart drafts aren’t due right this second, but they are due by next Friday, March 31st!

I’m putting this post up early so that people who are finished may submit their final drafts right along. Please follow the instructions below to submit your final drafts. (I do realize that some fanfic/fanart may not be 100% polished and ready to go, but I still need you to send in your final draft if you plan on posting. You may not claim a posting date if you haven’t turned in a final draft, so turn ~something in, even if it’s not actually your finished product. If you are dropping out, on the other hand, please let me know ASAP!)

How To Submit Your Final Draft )

Posting Sign-Up Reminder:

~The sign-up post for posting dates will go up on April 1 and will be open through April 4. Posting will run from April 5 - April 30.

~Authors and Artists should communicate with each other to choose a posting date that works for both of you. Keep in mind that both Authors and Artists are encouraged to make announcement posts to this community. (Each date may be claimed twice, but you will be asked to list your top 3 dates just in case your first choice has already been taken.)

~Authors, please remember that you may not sign up for a posting date until I have received your final draft.

~If you need a later posting date for health related reasons or for some other reason out of your control, please let me know when you turn in your final draft. (Unfortunately, your muse deserting you or you going on vacation rather than working on your fic aren’t good enough reasons, sorry. o_O)

If you have any questions, you may comment here with them, or contact me at sfbbmod @ gmail .com. Comments will be screened.


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