May. 2nd, 2012

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Title: Trust in the night
Artist: [ profile] maiel_alcinoe
Author: [ profile] heartundone
Fandom: NCIS: LA
Characters/Pairings: Kenzi/Deeks
Rating/Category: PG13/Het
Warnings canon character death
Summary: From the beginning there was something between Kensi and Deeks. At night, when the cases were over, they found that they needed each other. Ove the course of a year, as their partnership grows stronger they find that they can no longer deny that there is something between them. While they try to fight it at first, in the end they trust each other enough to give in to what they need.

Link to art master post: here
Link to fic master post: here at AO3
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Our first round at [ profile] smallfandombang has come to an end! We’d like to thank everyone who took a chance on mods new to the big bang game and helped us make this first round a raging success. We’d especially like to thank the artists that stepped up and took on up to 6 stories in order to make sure that every single author got artwork for their story, and those artists that allowed me to convince them to participate even though they weren’t familiar with any of the fandoms. *g*

Speaking of stories, we had 56 stories in 56 different fandoms (including crossover fandoms) this round! Beneath the cut you’ll find links to all the stories and accompanying artwork. Enjoy!

Master List of Fanfic and Fanart: )

As promised, Participation Banners will be available soon!

Also, at this point we are planning on holding a second round in the fall, so please continue to watch the community or check back for more information. Thanks again!


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Welcome to Small Fandoms Bang, the big bang for small fandoms! Round Seven is now open for Author Sign-Ups!

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