Apr. 1st, 2015

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Please note that I have replied to all of the final draft submissions that I have received. If you did not receive a reply from me, check your spam folder first and then contact me at sfbbmod @ gmail.com. And now, onto the sign-up!

The sign-up period will remain open from today, Wednesday, April 1 through Saturday, April 4. Posting begins on Sunday, April 5 and we’d like to have everyone signed up for a posting day before then.

Authors, please sign up for the posting date(s) of your choice by copying and pasting the below form into a comment to this post:

Further Clarification:

1. To keep things streamlined and organized only Authors may sign up for a posting date. Authors should consult with their Artist(s) to make sure everyone is available for that date.

1a. If an Author has dropped out, the Artist will be allowed to sign up on their own behalf.
1b. If the Author is not available to sign-up, the Artist or some other proxy may sign up.

2. Authors must have submitted a final draft in order to claim a posting date. (If you have not yet submitted your final draft but you still plan to participate please contact me immediately at sfbbmod @ gmail.com.)

3. If you wrote more than one story for this challenge, please submit a separate form for each story. You may submit them in the same comment.

4. Please make three choices for your posting date. We will do our best to give you your first choice, but just in case we are unable to we’ll need a fallback day.

5. Up to two Authors may sign up for the same day.

6. Authors who wrote more than one story for this challenge should choose different posting days for each of their fic. (In other words, you can’t post both of your stories on the same day.)

7. If you still have not done so, you must join this community! Only members may post, so if you haven’t joined you won’t be able to post your fic or art.

If you need to withdraw from this challenge, please let me know ASAP! Thank you.

If you have any questions you may comment here with them or contact me at sfbbmod @ gmail.com.

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